Prophet Turns Out to be Just a Statistics Nerd

A prophet who had taken thousands captives with his ability to make very accurate prophecies has left many disappointed after it was discovered that he is just a guy with advanced knowledge in statistics. The leader of Precision Prophecies Ministries in Nairobi Kenya had gained followers by his many prophecies that came true. He would […]


Vatican Approves Abortion if Baby Will Grow up Atheist

Vatican is softening its stand on abortion, following years of widespread condemnation of any form of abortion and unwavering commitment to the sanctity of human life. In what could be the greatest change of policy since emperor Constantine became a person of the book, Vatican Spokesperson has issued a press statement encouraging faithfuls of all […]


Creatives to be Exempted from Tithes and Offerings in Churches

Churches have bowed to pressure and loosened the regulations governing tithes and offerings, giving creatives in church a loophole to pay themselves. A new directive that has been adopted by churches in Nairobi will see creatives in churches being exempted from tithes and offerings, a good compensation because they were demanding for payment and churches […]


God Fearing Man Unaware that the Book of Abraham Does not Exist

A God fearing man who has been consistently attending church for the last 17 years was left with an egg on the face when he confidently quoted the book of Abraham during an online church service. The man who is well versed with the Holy Book was so confident that the book of Abraham exists, […]


Man Celebrates One Year of Pretending to Send Offering via M-PESA

As the remote church turns one year old this month, so are the habits and new sins that have resulted from the existence of the same. We caught up with one man who since the beginning of the pandemic, has never given any offering, tithe, gifts or any type of giving in church, although he […]


Ravi Zacharias Downgraded from First Class to Economy Heaven after Sexual Misconduct Exposé

Ravi Zacharias, the famous Christian apologist who passed on in 2020 has found himself in the middle of a celestial storm after news of his sexual misconduct were confirmed by the ministry. The information which was released this week detailed how the famed preacher engaged in sexual misconduct and abused various women in the latter […]


Proposal Seeks to have Kenyan Churches Sing 75% Local Songs

The Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage has proposed a new regulation that will see churches in Kenya required to sing at least 75% local songs. In an attempt to bring order and sanity in how singing is done in churches, as well as promoting local talents, churches will be required to adhere to the […]


Churches Conveniently Declare a Period of Prayer and Fasting in January

Churches all over Kenya have declared an extended period of prayer and fasting this month, a very convenient move because January economics has everyone skipping meals. From the big churches to small private churches, Christians were asked to consider either a 3-day, 7 day, or a 21 day of prayer and fasting just as it […]

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Pastor Ng’ang’a to hold Special Prayer Session for Arsenal FC

Famed Kenyan televangelist Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Center has come to the rescue of Arsenal Football Club and will be holding a three-day prayer and fasting session for both the club and the fans. Speaking after the Sunday service at his Nairobi headquarters, Pastor Ng’ang’a said that he had heeded to the […]