More than 3500 Dead from Post-Election Violence in the US: A Country Where the Dead Are Not Counted

The number of fatalities from the ongoing Post Election Violence that have rocked the United States of America has passed the 3500 mark, but official records do not reflect this because it is a country where the dead are just not counted. Most of the deaths are being attributed to Covid-19, even in cases where […]


Jeff Bezos Reveals Plan to Acquire Rwanda

American internet entrepreneur, industrialist, media proprietor, and investor Jeff Bezos has revealed plans to acquire a small Eastern African country called Rwanda and make it a private property. This is the first time ever in modern history where a single person has sought to acquire a whole country and should the deal go through, history […]


African Union Accidentally Tweets a Congratulatory Message to Museveni for Winning the 2021 Election

A Social Media scheduling error caused the African Union to send congratulatory message to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for being reelected during the January 2021 Ugandan General Elections two months earlier. In the message, the African Union chairperson ‘congratulates the people of Uganda’ for holding ‘fairly peaceful and fair’ elections, adding that there are always […]


African Union Warns that US is Dangerously on the Precipice of a Post Election Violence

The African Union has expressed concerns that the United States is dangerously on the path to a Post Election Violence, even as the leading candidates continue to trade accusations and spur hatred. Speaking at the African Union Headquarters, the AU Heads of States said that the Two Party States of America were experiencing a worrying […]


AU Warns that Coups are very Contagious

The African Union has advised governments to be very alert following the coup in Mali, saying that such occurrences are very contagious and you never know who will be next. Speaking to African leaders at the AU Secretariat, the AU Commissioner General warned African leaders to keep their ears on the ground because you never […]


Kenya Designates All US Police Divisions as Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Kenya has listed all the US Police Division as Terrorist Organizations and immediately called for sanctions against any person or groups of persons funding their operations. In a strongly worded statement that was issued from Nairobi, Kenya said that it was closely monitoring the activities of the state sponsored terrorist organizations which were operating in […]

International Politics

Jack Ma to Run for President in Africa

Chinese business magnate, investor and politician Jack Ma has lately been in the news for helping African countries combat Covid-19, and that only seems to be the tip of the iceberg. It is now emerging that Ma has other plans too. He wants to run for presidency in Africa! In a conversation with a Malaysian […]


African Health Experts Puzzled by the Slow Spread of Ebola in Europe

Whether it’s a matter of faulty detection, climatic factors or simple fluke, the remarkably low rate of Ebola infection in European countries, with their fragile health systems, continues to puzzle – and worry – African health experts. In a puzzle that has researchers on communicable diseases all over Africa scratching their heads, the disease does […]