Bill Gates Unveils Plan to Turn Lions into Vegetarians

NANYUKI, KENYA – In a press conference held at one of the conservancies in Northern Kenya, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates announced his latest project: turning lions into vegetarians. Gates, who has been vocal about the environmental and health benefits of plant-based diets, said he was inspired by the success of lab-grown meat and plant-based burgers. […]


Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos Join Hands to Acquire Controlling Stake in Elon Musk

Days after Elon Musk bid to buy Twitter for $43 billion, the council of rich people has made a counter attack with Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates uniting to gain a controlling stake in Elon Musk, effectively making them the owners of Musk’s vast empire. The two billionaires with a combined net worth of $321 […]


Divorce Reason: Bill Gate Demanded Too Many Updates from Melinda Gates

Reliable sources have confirmed that Bill and Melinda Gates have opted for a divorce following unknown differences. What are reasons for the divorce? PostaMate can now reveal. Although the couple has asked for privacy, they are still hoping that the divorce will attract as much publicity as possible. This is why they asked PostaMate to […]