Bill Gates Unveils Plan to Turn Lions into Vegetarians

NANYUKI, KENYA – In a press conference held at one of the conservancies in Northern Kenya, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates announced his latest project: turning lions into vegetarians. Gates, who has been vocal about the environmental and health benefits of plant-based diets, said he was inspired by the success of lab-grown meat and plant-based burgers. […]


Jet-Setting Cabinet Secretary Outpaces Kajiado County in Carbon Emissions!

In the bustling world of political Kenya, there’s a certain Cabinet Secretary who has become quite the globetrotter. This jet-setting CS, whose name we’ll keep under wraps for now, has been zipping across continents with such frequency that one might mistake his office for an airport lounge! Now, while this high-flying lifestyle might seem glamorous, […]


Elon Musk Doubles Effort on Zero Emission Babies

The world’s richest man and large family ambassador is now shifting his focus on curbing global warming by producing zero emission babies. Elon Musk – who has led by example by having nine children – says that he is working to ensure that his next four children will be net zero certified and will not […]


Biden Urges Africans to Ditch use of Firewood so that Americans can Continue Enjoying their Mega Trucks Guilt Free

US President Joe Biden has called on Africans to ditch the use of firewood and other biomass fuels so that Americans can continue driving their extra-large SUVs and mega trucks without climate guilt. Speaking at the sidelines of the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference, Biden said that the Burden of achieving a net zero […]