A Few Conspiracy Theories to Help you Come to Terms with the Death of Magufuli

While just a few days ago Magufuli had admitted that he can actually die and does not fear death, his death needs to be interpreted using the right conspiracy theories. This is especially so considering that in Africa we just can’t allow someone to die without pointing fingers or blaming a certain witch. We also

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Meat Animals Think Covid-19 is a Revenge Against Humans

There have been many theories on the origin of Covid-19, but there is one theory that has not been well explored – the meat perspective. Meat animals – animals that humans consume – have argued that Covid-19 is the natures revenge for the years of systemic abuse and mass murder that human beings have had

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Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Launches his own 6G Network that does not Kill People

The Nigerian Televangelist, 5G iconoclast and pseudo-scientist Chris Oyakhilome has finally decided to walk the talk and lead by example. After days of warning a deaf world that Covid-19 is caused by 5G networks without success, he has gone ahead to launch his own network that does not spray people with virus or give the

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