Trump Ready to Convert to Judaism if Mossad Backs Down

Former US president Donald Trump has indicated that he is willing to cede more ground in exchange for forgiveness as it became apparent that Mossad was seriously thinking about him. Following the June 2022 Mar-a-Lago raid by FBI agents that showed that Trump held documents detailing an unnamed foreign country’s nuclear defenses (in the Hebrew […]


Trevor Noah Announces Early Retirement after Trump Exit Makes Him Irrelevant

The second highest ranking South African in the US, Trevor Noah, has been forced into early retirement after his comedy career came to a dead end with Trump retirement. The comedian who made a fortune out of Donald Trump realized that it is time to cash out when Trump failed to clinch to power and […]


The American Embassy in DC Failed Donald Trump

President Donald Trump faced a major set back after his supporters failed to make meaningful impact at the US Capitol. Instead, the joke was on them as some of them got arrested and Donald Trump banned from several social media platforms. This embarrassing turn of event was as a result of one error. The American […]


More than 3500 Dead from Post-Election Violence in the US: A Country Where the Dead Are Not Counted

The number of fatalities from the ongoing Post Election Violence that have rocked the United States of America has passed the 3500 mark, but official records do not reflect this because it is a country where the dead are just not counted. Most of the deaths are being attributed to Covid-19, even in cases where […]


Iran Offers Political Asylum to Donald Trump

Iran has said that it was ready to offer political asylum to President Donald Trump should his last minute effort to retain power fail to succeed. “I’m going to ask the Foreign Minister to carry out the relevant procedures to allow Donald Trump to live in Iran should things go South on January 20th,” President […]


Trump Promises to Revisit Angels from Africa

With little hope of being in power after January 2021, President Donald Trump has turned his attention to all the people who failed him when he needed them to clinch the 270 electoral votes. Top on his list are the Angels from Africa who were expected to show up and help hold the States of […]


Museveni Wonders how a man with 24/7 access to Nuclear Football can Lose an Election

The President of Uganda since 1986, Yoheri Kaguta Museveni – recently rebranded to Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni – is unable to can. As Donald Trump fights a losing battle to retain the presidency, Museveni is wondering how a man with such immense powers can lose he top job in a country. Power Factor Losing an […]


James Orengo heads to the US to advise on a Handshake Government

The script is almost writing itself. After Biden wins and Trump swears himself in, everybody knows what happens next because the events will be similar to what happened in Kenya. After days or weeks of protests and arguments, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are expected to form a handshake government, much to the detriment of […]


Canada Builds a 8000 km Wall to Keep out Americans

Expecting foolish Americans to attempt to migrate to Canada if Donald Trump wins the election, Canada has moved with speed to build a 5-meter-tall wall along its 8000 km border with the US to stop the looming influx of dejected Americans. The move followed a realization that it would not be a landslide for Joe […]


The US Election is more of a US IQ Test

Americans are voting today, but as far as the world is concerned, this is a matter of a National IQ test for the country and the outcome could lie anywhere on the IQ continuum. The Great North American nation will be forced to choose between Trump and Biden, and while the polls show that Biden […]