Kenya Sues USAID for Delaying ARVs Donation

Kenya has filed a suit against The United States Agency for International Development after the organization delayed the donation of much needed ARVs to Kenya. In the suit filed in a US Court, Kenya claims that the lives of many Kenyans were at stake after USAID failed to pay taxes on donated ARVs, delaying the

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22,413 NGOs in Nairobi Supporting 19,768 Street Families

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services has sounded alarm over the huge number of Non-Governmental Organizations that are dealing with street families in Nairobi. This is after 22,413 NGOs registered with NMS to serve the 19,768 street families in Nairobi. NMS chief Maj-Gen Badi said that managing the big number of NGOs had become even more complicated

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African Union Warns EU against Delaying Donations to African Countries

The African Union has issued threats and warnings to the European Union and other global partners for delaying grants to African countries. In a statement signed by all AU member countries, the Union asked their donor partners to be serious and more committed instead of giving conditions and delaying aid unnecessarily. “We want our donor

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