JKUAT Student Invents Charcoal that’s 31% Cannabis

The future of cooking looks promising after a student at the famous Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology invented charcoal made of 31% cannabis. Made from general biomass and the leaves of Cannabis Sativa, the new fuel is set to inject new enthusiasm into the energy sector, and the product has received widespread adoption […]


New Oral Male Contraceptive to be Administered through Free Beer

The burden on birth control is about to shift from women to men after scientists got a major breakthrough in administering the oral male birth control pill. Several months after its launch, the male birth control pill failed to take off because scientists could not get men to swallow the pill. They are not even […]


Smoking Can Help you keep Warm in this Weather – BAT

A study commissioned by British American Tobacco has established that smoking is an effective way to keep warm during periods of extended cold weather that are being experienced at the moment. The new science shows that people who smoke are usually warmer than those who do not smoke, a discovery that can help people who […]


Mombasa Drug Dealer Takes Credit for all Jobs Created in the County this Year

A Mombasa based drug Lord has lashed out at both the county and national governments for failing to create jobs, saying that he was the only one who was creating jobs in the drug ravaged county. Speaking at his open hideout, the drug baron said that no elected official had bothered to create any jobs […]


New Drug that Reduces Chances of Covid-19 Infection Faces Rejection

A promising new drug that significantly reduces chances of infection with Covid-19 has faced rejection all over the world. This has left billions of people exposed to coronavirus. The new drug that has been proven to significantly alter the spread of the virus when administered to both healthy and infected individuals has failed to take […]

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Smokers will now be Charged with Attempted Self Arson in South Africa

The South African government has decided to take the war on smoking to a new height, or if you like it, new low, by now declaring smoking an act of arson. In the argument that presented at the Pretoria High Court, the government said that smokers were trying to set themselves on fire which is […]