IEBC to Determine who is a ‘Hustler’ and who is A ‘Dynasty’

IEBC is set to issue guidelines and regulations to be used to give direction on the individual classification that will be used to classify who are hustlers and who are dynasties. This is after a public outcry on the massive proliferation of fake hustlers who are now joining and popularizing the populist agenda ahead of […]


Susan Kihika Cuts off Ties with Her Dynasty Family to show Commitment to Hustlers

Tangatanga politician and Senator for Nakuru County Susan Wakarura Kihika has a made a radical decision that will see her adopted into the hustler nation, despite her links to a major dynasty family. The firebrand politician has legally cut ties with all her family members in order to maintain an untainted hustler narrative, noting that […]


‘I am too rich to Be a Hustler’ Buzeki Explains why he ditched CCM

Buzeki has ditched CCM. This is after his party leader Isaac Rutto joined William Ruto’s ‘hustler’ movement. His reason are funny and might have some sense of sense. Buzeki claims he quit CCM because he is not a hustler and would not like to ride on the false rhetoric that he is a hustler when […]


Looming Cabinet Reshuffle Will See Ministry of Hustling Introduced

According to some leaked information from Statehouse Kenya, a cabinet reshuffle is looming and one of the major changes expected will be the introduction of the Ministry of Hustling. The information which was confirmed by some State House insiders who did not want to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter stated that […]


Isaac Mwaura Receives Ruto into his own Heart

Kenyan politician, disability advocate and aspiring Senator for Kiambu County Isaac Mwaura has finally received Ruto into his own heart, making him one of the newest converts of the TangaTanga movement that has taken Central Kenya by storm. Mwaura who hails from Ruiru and is a nominated Senator accepted Ruto during the homecoming party for […]

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Kenyans Asked to Choose Between Dynasty Thieves and Hustler Thieves

Kenyans are in a dilemma after being asked to make a decision on whether to continue with the dynasty thieves, or start life afresh with a new breed of hustler thieves. The offer was given by politicians who had come together to discuss the future of Kenya and forge a way forward that the whole […]