Guide to Surviving Tough Economic Times

Times are tough, so you need to be tougher to survive. He is how? Walk to Work I know we are making an assumption that you actually have a job, and that job is not in your house. Have you ever considered walking to work? It would save you that little money you spend on […]


Kenyan MPs to be Paid in US Dollars

Members of Parliament in Kenya will get a partial relief from the runaway inflation if a bill proposed by one of them to have them paid in US dollars is passed by all of them. As the Kenyan shilling continues to weaken against all formal and complementary currencies, MP’s have realized that they can shield […]


Ethiopia’s Plan for Old Birr Notes Bungled

It came to public attention that Ethiopia which mid last month launched new birr notes in 10, 20, 100 and 200 denominations had a sly trick up its sleeve with the old birr notes. It was revealed yesterday that Ethiopia had been planning to pay off their foreign debt with their old notes. “I would […]

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Introverts Spend 11.9 Days in The Toilet Every Year

A silent pandemic that is robbing humanity of its productivity is the huge amount of time spent by introverts in the toilet every year. Research by the Geneva based Institute of Human Existence shows that on average, introverts spend 47 minutes in the toilet every day, translating to 11.9 days every year. This is a […]


Living Within your Means not Good for the Economy

Economists have finally let the cat out of the bag; living within your means is harmful to the economy. The new finding is a call to all people to throw caution to the wind and go out and buy that luxury watch or shoes because ‘the economy depends on it.’ While the findings are shocking, […]