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Commander Ng’ang’a: The Prophet Who Wants to Be President

Pastor James Ng’ang’a, the self-proclaimed commander of NENO Evangelism Center, has announced his intention to run for the highest office in the land in the 2027 general elections. The controversial preacher, who is known for his fiery sermons and miraculous healings, said that he has received a divine mandate from God to lead Kenya to […]


Raila Finally Warming up to the Idea of Rigging the Election

Presidential candidate Raila Odinga is finally warming up to the reality that stolen elections produce legitimate winners, after all. After joining hands with the people who have been stealing the election from him, Raila Odinga has come to admit that his opponents were probably right; the way to victory is through rigging the elections. This […]


IEBC Candidate Proposes Office-training Politicians by Pet Whisperers

IEBC interviewee left tongues wagging when he proposed that election candidates undergo classical Pavlovian conditioning under experienced pet trainers to deter them from engaging in corruption. The lady from Western explained that dogs can be trained to control their natural urges through these methods and the same can be applied to politicians. “Some dogs know […]


Ruto Hires 47 Motivational Speakers to Lead his 2022 Presidential Bid

Deputy President William Ruto has contracted 47 motivational speakers who will lead his political campaigns ahead of his 2022 presidential bid. Welcoming the team of motivational speakers at his Karen residence, Ruto said that the 47 people would bring the much needed motivation to the lean team he has been operating, and would help shape […]


Opinion Poll Shows Gideon Moi Most Popular Presidential Candidate in Kenya

Latest opinion poll show that Gideon Moi is the most popular presidential candidate in Kenya, and the best suited to succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2022 General Elections. The poll conducted by the independent Kabarak based political think tank Kabarak Analytica show that Gideon Moi leads all other Kenyan politicians, including William Ruto, Raila […]


Inside the Mind of KANU Candidate who Garnered 1 Vote in the London Ward Byelection

Losing an election is painful, but there are things that are generally worse than pain. This includes getting only one vote in an election. This is the sad story of Joseph Kimani Njuguna who had decided to shelve his personal ambitions and serve mwananchi as an MCA for the London Ward. He gave it all, […]


Electoral Commission of Uganda Confirms that Results are Ready Five Days to Elections

The Electoral Commission of Uganda has achieved some efficiency that Kaizen can only dream of. With only five days to the elections, the Commission has reminded Ugandans that it already has the Presidential elections results ready, and is only waiting for the 14th of January to make things official. In a Tweet that was sent […]


Museveni Condemns Bobi Wine for Sending Kids to the US

Ugandan politician, singer, actor, and businessman Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu better known as Bobi Wine has found himself at the center of controversy after he evacuated his kids to the US on the eve of the Uganda election where he is competing against the incumbent Yoweri Museveni. Wine, who took the extreme measure after things got […]