Medical Interns Enjoy 5 Months of Donkey Work Without Pay, Minister Basks in Social Media Glamour

In a stunning display of gratitude towards medical interns, the Ministry of Health has treated them to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: five whole months of relentless toil without any form of compensation. The interns, who tirelessly carry out back-to-back calls, have discovered a hidden secret – their insurmountable workload has miraculously saved them from the clutches […]


Why Kenya Needs the ICT Practitioners Bill 2020

The Kenyan Parliament recently passed the ICT bill that that requires the training, registrations licensing and a standard for practitioners in this field. This is one great step for ICT in Kenya. Although every sane person distanced themselves from the bill, somehow the Bill managed to sail through parliament after three attempts. ICT practitioners were […]


CBC Fine if Househelp is a Graduate – Magoha

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has said that the Competence Based Curriculum works out smoothly if parents employ graduate househelps. Speaking while on a tour of Western Kenya, Magoha said that homes with competent househelps were having an easy time with CBC, and only those with class 2 dropouts were having a hard time. “Every […]


The Prayer that Larry Madowo Prayed

Larry Madowo recently overtook Polycarp Igathe as the king of switching high value jobs even as Kenyans continue to deal with the problem of joblessness. After walking away from the apex of journalism career in Kenya, Larry Madowo landed at BBC in North America even before updating his CV. Just before he could finish sorting […]


Despair after Man Applies for Jobs with all The Registered Companies in Kenya

The promising career of a young man has come to an abrupt end after he made a job application to the last known registered company in Kenya. This was the anticlimax of his job search which meant that he had nowhere else to apply for jobs, having sent his CV to over 450,000 registered companies […]


New Employee Realizes that Life was Easier when they Didn’t have a Job

A newly employed man has had to face his worst fears when they realized that life in employment is not as easy as it was when they were jobless. The man who had spent more than two years looking for a job had gotten used to the trappings of joblessness, where they could binge on […]


Amazing Story of Kenya Mpya Driver who Went Ahead to Become a Pilot in Qatar

When life hands you a lemon, you make a lemonade out of it. In times of corona, you make a concoction that can be used to prevent corona, as proved by the Tanzanians. That is the story of a Kenyan man who has moved from being a Kenya Mpya driver to a pilot in Qatar. […]


Government Halts Kazi Mtaani, advises youth to resume their Job seeking Jobs

Kazi Mtaani is one of the projects by the government which seemed to give youths -irregardless of their education qualifications- hopes for survival. A huge number of graduates had embraced the project despite a low wage pay offered by the government. Recent developments however have left the youths surprised and worried. In a press release […]


Mombasa Drug Dealer Takes Credit for all Jobs Created in the County this Year

A Mombasa based drug Lord has lashed out at both the county and national governments for failing to create jobs, saying that he was the only one who was creating jobs in the drug ravaged county. Speaking at his open hideout, the drug baron said that no elected official had bothered to create any jobs […]