KRA to Hire an Agent To Live In Every Kenyan Home

NAIROBI, KENYA—In a bold move to increase tax collection and compliance, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) announced on Thursday that it will hire an agent to live in every home in the country. The agents, who will be trained and equipped by the KRA, will monitor every household’s income and expenditure, and report any tax […]


Government to Tax Every 4th Child in Kenya

In a shocking move, the Kenyan government has announced a new policy that will impose a tax on every fourth child born to a family. The policy, which will take effect from January 1, 2024, is aimed at curbing the population growth and reducing the burden on the country’s resources. According to the Ministry of […]


Pedophile Association of Kenya gets Supreme Court nod for Registration

The Supreme Court of Kenya recently opened a can of worms after it ruled to allow for the registration of any group of people, even if the objective of the group violates the constitution of Kenya. The first worm to crawl out of the can is the Pedophile Association of Kenya. Following the ruling, minor-attracted […]


Man Suffers Second Degree Burns after sharing Bathtub with Wife

What started as a romantic gesture ended up as a traumatic venture after a man suffered serious burns when he joined the wife for a bath. The lazy evening in the outskirts of Kampala was jolted to life when the man plunged into the hot bathtub where the wife was relaxing, thinking that the water […]


Elon Musk Doubles Effort on Zero Emission Babies

The world’s richest man and large family ambassador is now shifting his focus on curbing global warming by producing zero emission babies. Elon Musk – who has led by example by having nine children – says that he is working to ensure that his next four children will be net zero certified and will not […]


Small Claims Court Rules Against Girl who ‘Ate Fare’

The Small Claims Court in Nairobi has ruled against a girl who was ‘sent fare’ by a male colleague but failed to turn up for a birthday party as agreed. In the case filed the Milimani Small Claims Court, a gentleman identified as BCN said that he had sent KShs 3000 to a lady by […]


Divorces Caused by KWFT Drop by 22% in 2020

The number of divorces directly attributed to Kenya Women Microfinance Bank dropped by 22% in the year 2020, a positive outcome of the pandemic that had gone unnoticed. The 2020 social statement from the Microfinance showed that the number of divorces that can be directly attributed to KWFT dropped by 3,122, from 14,191 to 11,069, […]


Uhuru: Marriage Between Kenyans Prohibited to Curb Poverty

The government of Kenya has announced plans to curb marriage between any two Kenyans as a poverty mitigation strategy. President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that marriages between Kenyans were contributing to misery and poor mental health for the country since two poor people getting married only results in compounded poverty, which is still poverty, albeit, worse […]


40-Year-Old Son Getting Impatient Waiting to Inherit the Family House

A forty year old man is getting concerned that he may waste all his prime years living a suppressed life as he waits to inherit the family house. The man who has been patient for a whole forty years has now realized that his prime age is going to waste while his elderly parents live […]