TSC Blames School Fires on Revolution of the Earth around the Sun

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has come out to defend teachers on accusation that they are exasperating children to the point of making them burn down schools. Instead, TSC argues that incidences of school fires are caused by the revolution of the earth around the sun, and nothing can be done about it. While giving […]


Safaricom Found to be Fueling School Unrests

The spate of unrest and school fires that have recently been experienced in Kenya have left the education stakeholders confused. The people tasked with running schools have been unable to find the course of the fires, with some suggesting that it might just be that teachers are burning down schools due to work related stress. […]


Students Arrest Headteacher over Attempt to Burn School

Students of a local secondary school in Kenya arrested their headteacher and stopped a suspected case of arson at the school. The incidence which took place in Kiambu County happened on Thursday evening, where the headteacher was spotted heading to the dormitories carrying 20 liters of petrol, while the students were attending the evening studies. […]


Ministry of Education Warns that Children of the Poor are Very Hard to Manage

The Government of Kenya, through the Ministry of Education, is concerned that the increased number of children born into poverty have become unmanageable, with no foreseeable solution at hand. Following a spate of school fires that have become the staple food for school administrations in Kenya, the government now thinks that the underlying problem is […]


Garissa County Assembly Fire Caused by Unwanted Evidence

The fire accident that consumed Garissa County Assembly chambers and several offices this morning was caused by unwanted evidence, according to Kenya Red Cross. The morning inferno that started at 8:15 am quickly spread to any part of the Assembly that held documents that were not needed, focusing majorly on the ones that had previously […]


Rowdy Bodaboda Operators Burn Car Despite the Owner’s Insistence that he Went to Alliance

A middle aged man in Nairobi is counting losses after bodaboda riders burnt down his car following an incidence with one of them. In an incidence that took place in the capital, the man who was only identified as Fred faced the fury of angry boda boda riders after he hit one of them who […]


Government: “We will Continue with Demolitions until you stop Voting in Morons”

The government has finally spoken its heart out about the demolitions and regular fires at Gikomba market, placing the blame squarely on Kenyans. In what could be the first honest statement from the government, traders at the Gikomba market were told that they will keep experiencing fires and demolitions if they do not change their […]