Kenya Meat Commission Appoints its first Vegan CEO

The Kenya Meat Commission has appointed a renowned vegan (name withheld due to fear of Social Media trolls) as it’s CEO. The military led institution announced its new CEO who is expected to lead the company to greater success after the military jumpstarted the formally dead company. However, questions on the logic of appointing someone […]


Kenya’s Roadside Food Vendors Successfully Take Out Million Dollar Startup Kune Foods

In 2021, a white man armed with $1m set out to discover cheap foods in Kenyans. Due to cultural blindness, he couldn’t find any, so he decided to invent the cheap food for Kenyans. The result? Roadside food vendors armed with nothing but cooking pans launched a counter attack. 10 months later, the white man […]


Seven Arrested at The BigFish Restaurant for Eating Without Masks on

Seven patrons at the famous BigFish Restaurant were yesterday arrested after they were found eating at The BigFish Restaurant without their masks on. The early morning clients were enjoying a variety of meals when an idle and extremely bored policeman stumbled upon the premises and noticed that the five men and two men were eating […]


Vegetarianism rises by 33% Spurred by Tough Economic Conditions

Vegetarianism and veganism have experienced a major boost in the world in the past 15 months, with number of people who have decided to keep off animal products increasing by 33%. Data from various sources show that more and more people are getting the Indian inspiration and opting to leave animals in peace. While tastes […]


Minute Maid Sued for Lasting for Less than a Minute

All minutes are not created equal. We know they vary depending on what exactly one is doing, and whether they are enjoying it. That is why January is long and December is short, despite having equal number of days. A minute at the dentist lasts for 14 days while a minute on a Friday evening […]


There Must be more to Life than Ugali – Wetangula

There comes a time in life when a man has to ask some deep questions and reevaluate the purpose of his existence. This is something that Moses Wetangula has found himself in of late and the existential question in his mind is one: is there something more to life than ugali?  First, we are not […]


‘There is no free food in Ushago’ Nairobi Residents Warned

Nairobians started a mass migration to the village today after the cessation of movement in and out of Nairobi was lifted. Most of the people were escaping hostile economic conditions in the city following loss of jobs and income due to Covid-19. It did not help that the Landlords never noticed the pandemic so the […]