France Criticized for its Decision to set Free Felicien Kabuga on Health Grounds

A decision by the government of France to set free Rwandan Genocide ‘suspect’ Felicien Kabuga has elicited a lot of criticism from many countries who feel like the decision was insensitive and unfair to the survivors of the Rwandan genocide. In what appears to be the worst miscarriage of justice by France against its former

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Outrage as NSSF Files for Bankruptcy

You might need to abort your future until a very further date. This is after the body tasked with organizing your retirement plans, the National Social Security Fund, filed for bankruptcy. Citing poor performance on their investments, tough economic conditions, increased theft and hostile environment from the government, the NSSF board said that the body

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International Politics

According to Schrödinger’s Cat Experiment, Kim Jong Un is both Dead and Alive

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has left the world guessing after performing a self-surgery and thereafter going media silent. In a country where the he holds all the titles possible (including the husband of all husbands) and dictates what goes to the media, his absence has left many people in the world worried and

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