Pastor Ezekiel Threatens to Delete Kenya’s Star Permanently

Embattled millionaire Pastor Ezekiel Odero has threatened to plunge Kenya into an endless cycle of poverty, ignorance, and diseases if the Registrar of Societies does not revoke her decision to deregister New Life Prayer Center. The Pastor well known for finding lost stars has warned that he will permanently delete Kenya’s star and ensure that […]


Kenyans show excitement over the Housing Fund, promise to Support Ruto’s initiatives

Nairobi, Kenya – In a remarkable turn of events, citizens across the nation have put their cynicism aside and wholeheartedly embraced President Ruto’s groundbreaking housing fund initiative. Despite the challenging economic climate and widespread mistrust in government initiatives, Kenyans from all walks of life are reportedly thrilled to contribute a generous 3% of their hard-earned […]


Service delivery at Risk as GoK runs out of competent Kalenjins

The Government of Kenya has warned that service delivery may be at risk due to an acute shortage of competent Kalenjin professionals to run key institutions. In a presser to Kalenjin Radio Stations, the Head of Public Service warned that the government will not be in a position to deliver on its promises unless more […]


Kenya acquires a Morgue in Saudi Arabia to Cater for Murdered Domestic Workers

The Government of Kenya has taken steps to bring to an end the problems faced by domestic workers of Kenyan origin in the Middle East. Following numerous cases of murder by employers, Kenya has acquired a temporary morgue that will be used to ‘house’ the murdered until their families can raise monies to fly the […]


Alchemist Apologizes to all Natives who have Experienced Discrimination at the Club

The Alchemist Club in Nairobi has issued an apology to all the natives who may have been turned away while trying to access areas reserved to normal patrons. Following a social media outcry, the management of the club said that it was committed to ensuring that the natives are treated well, irrespective of the long […]


Probability of Receiving Back Money Sent to Wrong M-PESA Number Drops to 0.003%

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics has reported a marginal decline in the number of people willing to reverse the money erroneously sent to them via M-PESA. During the launch of the 2021 Economic Survey Report, KNBS said that hard economic times had led to reduction in the number of people willing to reverse the […]


Kenya Launches Green Card Lottery for Africans Wishing Live in Nairobi

Africans wishing to reside and work in Kenya can now smile after Kenya launched a lottery program that will allow them to be permanent residents in Kenya. The green card lottery program will see a select number of lucky Africans get a chance to live and work in Kenya with a guaranteed path to citizenship. […]


Country Likely to Experience Dry Conditions If It Does Not Rain Soon – Meteorology Department Warns

The country is likely to suffer from drought if we do not receive rainfall soon the met department has warned. According to Deputy Director of Kenya Meteorological department (KMD), Bernard Chanzu the lack of rain was due to absence of clouds. He also clarified that the current chilly conditions being experienced were due to the […]


Missing Man Found Alive after 17 Nights at the Sarit Center

A missing matatu driver has been found alive after spending 17 nights at the Sarit Center in Wetlands, according to the police. Philemon Mwasia, from Mombasa County, was reported missing on 18th June by his wife, after he failed to return home after a visit to a garage in Westlands. The 36-year-old man was supposed […]