KRA to Hire an Agent To Live In Every Kenyan Home

NAIROBI, KENYA—In a bold move to increase tax collection and compliance, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) announced on Thursday that it will hire an agent to live in every home in the country. The agents, who will be trained and equipped by the KRA, will monitor every household’s income and expenditure, and report any tax […]


KRA to Get a Side Hustle by 2024 – William Ruto

President William Ruto has ordered the Kenya Revenue Authority to find a meaningful side hustle to earn money instead of milking hustlers dry through unending taxes. Speaking after receiving the treasury’s handover report, Ruto noted that KRA had been increasing its revenue target without any plan on how to raise the additional revenue, except to […]


Wash Wash Guys Good for the Economy – KRA

The Kenya Revenue Authority has downplayed fears that the wash wash guys were harmful to the economy, and instead announced that some of them are leading taxpayers in the country. Following public outcry after Edgar Obare exposed the wash wash industry, KRA said that the economic benefits of the industry have been felt since the […]


KRA to Limit Filing Nil Tax Returns to Three Times

Kenya Revenue Authority is planning to limit the number of times that a person can file nil returns to three years, the maximum time after which a human being must be commercially viable. Speaking during a taxpayers sensitization week, KRA director general said that an increasing number of Kenyans were filing nil returns, yet their […]

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KRA to Start Taxing all Dowry Payments

The taxman in Kenya is on steroids and this time round, no coin will be left unturned. Starting in July, Kenya Revenue Authority will start taxing all dowry payments in an attempt to check the budget deficit that has been widened by the runaway corruption in Kenya. This is also in line with the government’s […]


Kenya to Start Taxing Goodwill and Exposure

The taxman in Kenya has been let loose and starting July 2021, Kenya will start taxing any form of payment that is received in form of goodwill and exposure. In the move aimed at netting interns and other people who are working for free and being paid in form of exposure, National Treasury CS Ukur […]