Syokimau Landlord Installs a Natural Carwash to Attract Tenants

With an oversupply of residential buildings in Nairobi, landlords have been forced to get more creative in order to attract tenants. One landlord decided to install a natural car wash in order to attract the new generation of tenants who are climate change conscious and are keen on sustainability. The car wash is made from […]


Kenya’s Title Deed Goes Missing

The whereabouts of the Title Deed for the republic of Kenya cannot be ascertained. This is the legal document that shows the size, location and ownership of the piece of real estate that is referred to as Kenya as shown on world maps. This is a risky situation because without it, Kenya could be transferred […]

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Landlords in Nairobi now offering Three-month Trial Period as Tenant Shortage Bites

It is a hard time for landlords in Nairobi’s satellite towns as the supply of houses outstrips the demand for the same, leaving landlords with empty buildings and loans to pay. So serious is the problem that some landlords have resulted to some unconventional methods to lure people into their premises, which include giving a […]