Nigerian Immigrants Losing Their Wives to Canadian Casanovas, Study Finds

TORONTO, ON – A new study from the University of Toronto has revealed a shocking trend: Nigerian men who migrate to Canada are losing their wives to the more romantic Canadian men. The study, which surveyed over 1,000 Nigerian-Canadian couples, found that 87% of Nigerian women reported being happier and more satisfied with their Canadian […]


Divorces Caused by KWFT Drop by 22% in 2020

The number of divorces directly attributed to Kenya Women Microfinance Bank dropped by 22% in the year 2020, a positive outcome of the pandemic that had gone unnoticed. The 2020 social statement from the Microfinance showed that the number of divorces that can be directly attributed to KWFT dropped by 3,122, from 14,191 to 11,069, […]


Divorce Reason: Bill Gate Demanded Too Many Updates from Melinda Gates

Reliable sources have confirmed that Bill and Melinda Gates have opted for a divorce following unknown differences. What are reasons for the divorce? PostaMate can now reveal. Although the couple has asked for privacy, they are still hoping that the divorce will attract as much publicity as possible. This is why they asked PostaMate to […]


Kenyan Man Sends a Marriage Proposal to Queen Elizabeth

A Kenyan man by name Wafula could soon make history after his marriage proposal to Queen Elizabeth was received at the Buckingham Palace. Hours after the position of Prince Consort fell vacant following the death of Prince Philip, Wafula moved with speed and used a private courier service to get his proposal to the queen, […]


United States Finally Legalizes Polygamy

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has moved to legalize polygamy after years of a blanket ban on the practice in all the fifty states. Making the ruling, Justice Stephen Breyer said that time has come for the United States to recognize the rights of every ideology that exists in the US […]

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KRA to Start Taxing all Dowry Payments

The taxman in Kenya is on steroids and this time round, no coin will be left unturned. Starting in July, Kenya Revenue Authority will start taxing all dowry payments in an attempt to check the budget deficit that has been widened by the runaway corruption in Kenya. This is also in line with the government’s […]


Amerix Named the Leading Cause of Divorce in Kenya

The Division of Family Promotion and Social Welfare in Kenya has named Amerix as the leading cause of broken relationships and divorced marriages, terming the condition as the quest for the Amerix Dream. This comes even as the Judiciary expressed concern over the number of men seeking to divorce their wives over flimsy reasons, something […]


Willis Raburu Blames 10/10 Show for his Marriage Woes

Veteran Kenyan journalist Willis Raburu has termed the marital problems he is going through an occupational hazard. Speaking to PostaMate without denying or confirming the rumors, Raburu said that he was sad that his work at the 10/10 show which airs every Friday was having serious ramifications on him, and that his marriage was getting […]