Macharia Defends the Appointment of 3 Kikuyus into a NMS Body

Transport CS James Macharia has defended the appointment of three Kikuyus into the Board of Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority. The appointment which drew public outrage last week saw three members of the same tribe appointed by a CS of the same tribe to a government that is predominantly dominated by the same tribe. This

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22,413 NGOs in Nairobi Supporting 19,768 Street Families

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services has sounded alarm over the huge number of Non-Governmental Organizations that are dealing with street families in Nairobi. This is after 22,413 NGOs registered with NMS to serve the 19,768 street families in Nairobi. NMS chief Maj-Gen Badi said that managing the big number of NGOs had become even more complicated

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