International Politics

Kim Jong Un Promises ‘Revisit’ all those who said he was Dead

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has resurfaced, or if you like it, resurrected, but with a word or two for all the people who claimed he was dead. Speaking to the State News Agency after a brief inspection tour of a new fertilizer factory in North Korea, Kim said that he was very aware […]

International Politics

According to Schrödinger’s Cat Experiment, Kim Jong Un is both Dead and Alive

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has left the world guessing after performing a self-surgery and thereafter going media silent. In a country where the he holds all the titles possible (including the husband of all husbands) and dictates what goes to the media, his absence has left many people in the world worried and […]


Reports: Kim Jong Un Operated on Himself

Self-medication is a common practice all over the world, but there is always a limit to what one can do. Not so for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. In what is reported to be the most badass event of 2020, the Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jon Un is reported to have performed […]