Kenya Cracks Down on Police State Allegations with Six Strokes of Cane

In a bold move to silence critics and uphold national unity, the government of Kenya has issued a decree that anyone who claims Kenya is a police state will be subjected to six strokes of the cane in public. The decree, which was announced by the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, states […]


Seven Arrested at The BigFish Restaurant for Eating Without Masks on

Seven patrons at the famous BigFish Restaurant were yesterday arrested after they were found eating at The BigFish Restaurant without their masks on. The early morning clients were enjoying a variety of meals when an idle and extremely bored policeman stumbled upon the premises and noticed that the five men and two men were eating […]


“Had they Killed a Rhino Instead of my Two Sons, they would be in Jail by now.” – Dad to Kianjokoma Brothers

The six police officers who murdered Benson Njiru and Emmanuel Mutura in Embu County would have been hanged by now, had they killed a rhino instead of the two brothers. The painful observation was made by the father of the two Kianjokoma brothers who is still unable to speak due to the pain involved. “If […]


Judiciary Promises to Conclude Kianjokoma Brothers Murder Case within 21 years

The Judiciary has promised to expedite the case against the six police officers who are accused of killing Benson Njiru and Emmanuel Mutura. The two brothers from Kianjokoma in Embu County met their death after they were arrested for flouting Covid-19 containment measures. The police officers who arrested them killed the first brother in order […]


Police Demand Justice for their Colleague whose Phone was Snatched on Duty

Police officers in Kenya have asked the government to bring to justice the thieves who snatched a mobile phone from a police officer while on duty in Nairobi. Speaking to the Media, several police officers said that the state of insecurity was on the rise and it was making it hard for them to do […]


“Hiring out Guns and Uniforms to Criminals is like any other Side Hustle” – Kenya Police

The Kenya Police Service is once again trending after reports showed that Police Officers were hiring out guns and uniforms to criminals. Kenyans were shocked to learn that the people who arrest them, purporting to be police officers, are actually criminals who hire guns and inform from the police. The criminals get the tools to […]


Police Break into Dance as Cessation of Movement Jackpot Opens

Kenya Police officers in the five counties of Nairobi, Nakuru, Machakos, Kiambu and Kajiado counties broke into song and dance after Uhuru increased their salaries and allowances through the cessation of movement order. The men tasked with maintaining law and order will from tomorrow start collecting additional allowances once they start enforcing the cessation of […]


Angry Bull Rescues Owner from Kakamega Police Station after a 3 Hour Siege

There was some unusual drama at Mumias Police station when an angry bull forced its way into the police station and rescued the owner who was being held there for flouting Covid-19 rules. Trouble started when people gathered for a bull fighting session with no regard for social distancing or wearing masks. The Wednesday morning […]