Secrets of Mara Moja Tablets Revealed

The magic of a local pain killer popularly known as Mara Moja was brought to light when a local doctor decided to reveal the secret of the magical drug to Twitter peasants. While many were amazed at the efficacy of the local drug that is sold at a free price, doctors have always known that

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Shock as Kalonzo Quits Politics to Become a Prophet

In a big twist that has left political analysts and pundits shocked to the core, Kalonzo retired from politics to become a prophet. This is after he prophesied that Deputy President William Ruto will be Official Opposition Leader after the forthcoming 2022 general elections. During an interview with Citizen TV’s Waihiga Mwaura, Kalonzo promised to

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Nairobi Women’s Hospital Partners with Prophet Owuor to Provide Instant Healing

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Nairobi Women’s Hospital has partnered with the Mightiest Prophet of God, Dr David Owuor, to offer instant healing services to its customers, err…sorry, patients. The new arrangement will see all the patients admitted at the hospital pay a standard fee equivalent to one week admission, but receive healing

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Confusion as Prophet Owuor Fails to Take Credit for the Locusts in Eastern Africa

Efforts to control the desert locusts that have been ravaging parts of Eastern Africa have been hampered by the surprise move by the Mightiest Prophet of God of not taking credit for the invasion. The prophet, who specializes in Disaster Prophecy, has not said a word about the insects, and both followers and critics have

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