Buhari: Solution to Police Brutality is more Police Brutality

As young Nigerians continue to protest against police brutality, the government thinks that the solution to protests against police brutality is more police brutality. In what turns out to be the most efficient way of dealing with protesters, the Nigerian government has realized that killing all protesters would lead to the immediate end of protests

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Furious Kakamega Bred Protester Nelson Havi Neutralized with a ‘Thermos’ of Tea in Parliament

When a man from Kakamega comes to your house raring to fight, the easiest way to diffuse the explosive situation is to unleash a ‘thermos’ full of tea, or better, serve some ugali. This is some ancient wisdom which smart people have always known. It seems that the clerk of the National Assembly Michael Sialai

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Kenyan Police to protesters: “We are Here to End Police Brutality Against You”

In a recent “March for our Lives” organized by activists across Nairobi county, the Kenyan police decided it was time to end police brutality once and for all by firing teargas canisters at peaceful protesters. According to an article by a leading news station, tensions leading to the protests had been brewing for weeks and

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Meet Alex Ndiritu – the Guerilla RiotLord who is Leading US Protests from Kenya

Holed up in a dimly lit bedsitter in the outskirts of Nyeri town is one nondescript young man who looks like he would not mind a small donation of money, brains or even adventure. But that is just about the looks which are always deceiving, because Ndiritu is the man tasked with coordinating the riots

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Kasarani Mwiki Residents asked to try Farming if Uncomfortable with the Pothole Ridden Road

Residents of Kasarani Mwiki area have been urged to venture into agri-travel by planting trees in the pothole ridden road, even as demonstrations entered the 7th day.  Speaking to the media, the Cabinet Secretary in charge of roads said that police have been spraying a lot of water on the demonstrators and the only viable

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