Kenya to Quarantine Visitors from UK for 18 Months

Kenya will reciprocatively quarantine visitors from UK for a period of 18 months starting on 9th April 2021. The move is a retaliation after the small island nation in the West of Europe issued a travel ban on Kenya due to the risk of new Covid-19 variants, yet it is UK which has its own […]


Hospital Owners Want Economy Reopened, Citing Decline in Number of Customers

Hospital owners in Kenya have appealed for a quick reopening of the economy, citing low number of customers and reduced income that could lead to closure of some hospitals. In a message to President Uhuru Kenyatta, hospital owners said that the curfew, cessation of movement, washing of hands and social distancing had led to a […]

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Medical Students Miss Graduation after a Quarantined Lecturer used Examination Scripts for Tissue Paper

Adversity often brings out the best – and the worst – in people. Covid-19 has proved this with the world now suffering from stupid human actions, inactions, and general stupidity that seems to be worse than the virus itself. While you would expect the people with some good knowledge and information are helping humanity at […]


68 People Quarantined at KMTC Nairobi Sent Home for Fees

Over 60 Kenyans quarantined at the Kenya Medical Training College have been sent home for failing to pay the mandatory quarantine fee that amounts to KShs 28,000 for a two-week period. Speaking to the media, the principal at KMTC Nairobi said that it was unfortunate that some Kenyans were not paying for their quarantine yet […]


A Cat’s Guide to Working from Home

Are you working from home? We cats have always worked from home. Which home? Your house of course. We consider those to be our homes, the same way you call your employer’s office my office. We usually do the same things that you do, but I won’t go into details because cat world is a […]