Ravi Zacharias Downgraded from First Class to Economy Heaven after Sexual Misconduct Exposé

Ravi Zacharias, the famous Christian apologist who passed on in 2020 has found himself in the middle of a celestial storm after news of his sexual misconduct were confirmed by the ministry. The information which was released this week detailed how the famed preacher engaged in sexual misconduct and abused various women in the latter […]

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Onset of Mango Season Spells Doom for Atheists in Kenya

For most people, Covid-19 has been the pandemic to beat but atheists face a different kind of pandemic that is only just starting: the mango season. The Mango season is back, possibly with some revenge. And as one self-declared mango expert warns, “it will be juicy, it will be fleshy, it might be messy, and […]


Possibility that Jesus will Make a Second Coming Via Zoom Highly Likely

The possibility that Jesus will make his second coming via Zoom is now more likely than ever, following the events of 2020 and a careful study of the Holy Scriptures by leading Theologians. 2020 has become the year when every essential public activity moved to the Cloud, leading to a speculation that Jesus could just […]


Underground Churches Thrive in Nairobi

As the ban on mass gathering of people in Kenya enters its fourth month, the number of people meeting for churches has continued to grow in Nairobi, raising fears that the pandemic will end with more people in Church. Data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics said that the number of active churches in […]

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Pope Call for Increased Focus Towards Flattening the Stupidity Curve

Pope Francis is now calling on the world to turn its guns towards fighting stupidity, arguing that this is now a bigger threat to people lives than the threat posed by the corona virus disease. Speaking on the 13th Day of Eastertide in Vatican, Pope Francis said that the spread of stupidity around the world […]


Everybody Suddenly Converts to Islam

Islam has suddenly exploded to become the biggest religion on earth, with Christians, Atheists, Buddhists, agnostics and all other ists joining en masse. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, most people who had shied away from following the Islam religion have found themselves with little options. This is because as the World Health Organization continues to […]