Civil Servant Working from Home Instinctively Leaves Jacket Hanging on Seat While Watching Netflix

Old habits die hard. After the government asked its staff to start working from home, a veteran public servant forgot that he no longer needed to pretend that he is working while binging on Netflix the whole day. The man who has spent his entire career chasing allowances was used to working only when allowances […]


A Cat’s Guide to Working from Home

Are you working from home? We cats have always worked from home. Which home? Your house of course. We consider those to be our homes, the same way you call your employer’s office my office. We usually do the same things that you do, but I won’t go into details because cat world is a […]


Locusts Now Working from Home

In a classic case of ‘Set a thief to catch a thief,’ Kenya appears to be solving one problem using another, achieving a unprecedented level of synergy. This is where you turn your enemy against another enemy, then sitting back to watch the battle unfold. That appears to be the situation in Kenya when a […]