Uhuru Asks Elon Musk to Bar Kenyans Under 35 from Twitter

Three years after the President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta deleted his Social Media accounts, the president now wants incoming Twitter owner Elon Musk to bar Kenyans below 35 years from suing the Social Media network. Narrating his ordeal in the hands of #KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) mercenaries, Uhuru said that KOT was not good for […]


Israel Defense Forces Vow to Stand with Palestinians, Just like Everybody Else

Israel Defense Forces has made a commitment to stand with Palestinian people following the escalation of violence between Palestine and Israel in recent weeks. In an attempt to keep up with the trend where every person and country stands with Palestine, Israeli forces said that they are going to promote a few hashtags and send […]


Covid-19 Less Deadly if You Do not Know that you have it

Social Media virologists and communicable disease experts have finally converged to a conclusion that Covid-19 is less deadly if one does not know that they have it. The experts who have analyzed thousands of posts expressing the opinions of random social media users noted that those who have confirmed that they have Covid-19 have had […]


Secrets of Mara Moja Tablets Revealed

The magic of a local pain killer popularly known as Mara Moja was brought to light when a local doctor decided to reveal the secret of the magical drug to Twitter peasants. While many were amazed at the efficacy of the local drug that is sold at a free price, doctors have always known that […]


Man Fired for Dancing to Firirinda at Sugoi Farm

The Firirinda Challenge has already claimed its first casualty in Kenya after a 36-year-old breadwinner and father of four lost his job due to the song. The man who blamed his misfortune on his love for technology lost his job after he was found dancing to the Firirinda song at his workstation where he works […]


Elsa Majimbo joins PostaMate Board as a Non-Executive Director

The PostaMate Media Board of Directors has appointed Elsa Majimbo as an independent non-executive director with effect from March 1, 2021, tapping into her vast experience in corporate satire. The 19-year-old Kenyan internet comedienne will work alongside biggest names in the Media Industry and will be responsible for shaping the strategic direction of the Media […]


David Ndii Gains 17k New Followers on Twitter after Insulting Luos

Economist and Tangatanga influencer David Ndii had his best political life yesterday after gaining 17,000 new followers on Twitter in one day, courtesy of an insult that went viral yesterday. The man who finds satisfaction in sharing complex economics data, arguing with internet strangers and doing dishes at home found himself at the center of […]


Safaricom’s Home Fibre Internet Falls to Below 2MB

Safaricom has announced that their revered Home Fibre Internet has fallen to below 2MB and users will need to browse responsibly if they are to keep enjoy the benefits of the service. Kenyans realized that they are no longer allowed to use the unlimited service as they had earlier been allowed to, with Safaricom saying […]


YouTube Could soon Start Showing Videos Between Ads

Your YouTube experience is just about to get better after YouTube announced that they will soon start showing videos between ads. In what could be a break from a tradition that has seen YouTube watchers forced to watch ads all day, YouTube will now feature some cool videos between ads, thus making it more fun […]