Mike Sonko Confirms that His Death Certificate is Genuine

Embattled former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has confirmed that the Death Certificate that has been circulating on Social Media is actually genuine. The former governor, who has been a state guest for a number of days in the past week since the government ramped-up the witch-hunting activities against Tangatanga allied politicians, said that while it […]


Governor Sonko Blames Cloud Computing for the Poor Weather in Nairobi

Former Nairobi City Governor Mike Sonko has threatened to take stern action against people offering Cloud computing services in Nairobi, blaming them for the bad weather that is being experienced in Nairobi at the moment. Speaking at a local jewelry shop where he spent the day trying out a few blings and studs, Sonko said […]


Sonko: Preexisting Cannabis Made Me Sign the Nairobi Deal

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is now blaming a preexisting condition that made him surrender the city to Uhuru Kenyatta. After some soul searching, the clown governor of Nairobi has realized that it was the marijuana that he smoked many years ago that influenced his decision and now he regrets both the signing and the […]