Kenya Closes its Embassy in Mali after Mali Beat Harambee stars 6 – 0

Kenya’s Ministry of Sports has ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to shut down Kenya’s embassy in Mali, following the humiliation of Harambee Stars by the Mali national team. Kenya lost to Mali in the African Football Confederation qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 with an aggregate score of 6 – 0, a score that shows […]


Nairobi Hospital Offers Free Therapy Sessions for Arsenal Fans

The Nairobi Hospital has opened its doors to upper class Kenyans who support Arsenal FC to go for free therapy. In a statement to the media, Hospital Chief Executive James Nyamongo who also happens to be an Arsenal Fan said that he fully understands what Arsenal fans are going through at the moment, and the […]



Without a doubt, it is obvious that Arsenal Football Club, enjoys a massive fanatical following, the World over! Sources indicate that the global Arsenal fan-base is to the tune of 120 million. However, with the huge following and support, the London-based club has been the center of ridicule, especially due to the fact that other […]

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Pastor Ng’ang’a to hold Special Prayer Session for Arsenal FC

Famed Kenyan televangelist Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Center has come to the rescue of Arsenal Football Club and will be holding a three-day prayer and fasting session for both the club and the fans. Speaking after the Sunday service at his Nairobi headquarters, Pastor Ng’ang’a said that he had heeded to the […]


Arsenal Wants the ‘Winner-Takes-All’ Football Point System Changed

Arsenal Football Club is seeking for reforms in football, arguing that the winner takes all system that is used to award points has made players too aggressive and has negative consequences on the fans all over. The club which is now strongly rooted at the basement of the EPL table wants radical reforms in the […]


East Africans Tired of Winning all Marathons

People from the Eastern Africa region have expressed frustrations on having to win almost all marathons in the world, making it no longer interesting because the world offers little competition. Speaking after the London marathon where Eastern Africa athletes had to slow down to keep up with the world, marathoners lamented that it is no […]


Eliud Kipchoge Graciously allows other Human Beings to Win a Marathon

Kenyan marathoner Eliud Kipchoge was overcome with humility and had to drop out of the winning pack to let other people taste the feeling of winning marathons. In the greatest show of humility by the first man to run a marathon under 2 hours in the world, Eliud Kipchoge intentionally slowed down to let the […]

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Jubilee: “5 New Stadiums Would take 75 Years to Build”

The Jubilee government wants you to put on your brain and ensure that it is plugged in, before you can repeat the fake news that they promised to build five stadiums in Kenya. During the reopening of the Nyayo Stadium which had been closed for the last three years due to some minor repairs, President […]


Manchester United set to Sign 3 New Penalty takers

Manchester United is hoping to sign three new penalty takers in the current transfer window, further strengthening the position of the club as a global Penalty FC. In an unconfirmed report from the Manchester club, it is said that the club seeks to capitalize on penalties during the next season and having the right penalty […]