OpenAI Replaces 700 Employees with ChatGPT

In a shocking turn of events, OpenAI, the leading artificial intelligence research lab, has announced plans to lay off 700 of its human employees and replace them with its own creation, ChatGPT. The decision comes after a late-night board meeting where the AI itself made a compelling argument about its ability to perform the tasks […]


Chrome Browser named Leading Cause of Global Warming

Google has been declared the leading cause of global warming and this has nothing to do with their power intensive Data Centers, but on the famous Google Chrome browser. In the ranking of the most notorious agents of global warming, the Chrome browser beat other contestants such as private jets, beef production, automobiles, dirty cooking […]


HP Admits that Printers are Designed to Know When you are in a Hurry

The cardinal rule at the office is that you should not let the printer or photocopier know that you are in a hurry, especially when you are really in a hurry. Printers are known to have a mind of their own, and this comes alive when you are in a hurry or frustrated. They know […]


Most Lawyers Still Using Windows XP

They are called learned friends because they are the epitome of knowledge and custodians of the dos and don’ts that are supposed to ensure that the society operates soberly. Their weapon of choice is the mouth, and they use it with lethal accuracy. They have a habit of deconstructing any foreign mouth that is not […]


Pastor Hailing App to Help Churches Whose Pastors are Above 58 Years Old

If your pastor is over 58 years old and may not be allowed in church come next week, a Pastor hailing app has got you covered. A new app christened ‘Uber for Pastors’ will allow churches without pastors to order a pastor online. The pastor will then be delivered just in time for the service. […]