Brewing Trouble: American Tourist in Hot Water Over Microwaved Tea in the UK

In an unprecedented event that has left Brits steaming, an American tourist in London was arrested after committing the unfathomable act of attempting to microwave a cup of tea. The tourist, whose name has been withheld for his protection from tea enthusiasts, now faces several felony charges including “Assault on British Heritage” and “Reckless Endangerment […]


Kenya Museums to Stay Shut as King Charles Visits

The National Museums of Kenya has announced that they will remain closed during the entire period of the visit of King Charles III, the monarch of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms. The authorities said that all the museum facilities in the country will remain closed and under increased security during the visit, although […]


Kalonzo Musyoka in the Race to Succeed Queen Elizabeth

Veteran Kenyan politician Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka has expressed interest in succeeding Queen Elizabeth in the Monarchy of the United Kingdom. Following the untimely death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Kalonzo tossed his hat into the ring and expressed confidence that the people of the United Kingdom would appoint him King as restitution for the […]


IMF Petitions Britain to Recall its Failed Former Colony, Kenya

The International Monetary Fund wants Britain to take charge of its former colony of Kenya, noting that the independent country is neither governable nor viable. In a letter to Queen Elizabeth through Donal McCabe, the head of Royal Communications and Communications Secretary to the Queen, IMF said that Kenya has shown all the full signs […]


Embarambamba to Perform at Prince Philip’s Funeral

Famed Kisii acrobat musician Christopher Mosioma better known as Embarambamba is set to perform in the burial of Prince Philip later this week. The man who has proved that being unique is what matters received the invitation by the queen to perform at St George’s Chapel, in the grounds of Windsor Castle. This will be […]


Kenyan Man Sends a Marriage Proposal to Queen Elizabeth

A Kenyan man by name Wafula could soon make history after his marriage proposal to Queen Elizabeth was received at the Buckingham Palace. Hours after the position of Prince Consort fell vacant following the death of Prince Philip, Wafula moved with speed and used a private courier service to get his proposal to the queen, […]


Piers Morgan Blames Black Elements for Untimely Death of Prince Philip

English broadcaster, journalist, writer, television personality and topmost English Racism promoter Piers Morgan has blamed the untimely death of Prince Philip on some unnamed black skins that could have brought the evil spirit of death to the Royal family. Noting that the colour of death is black, Piers Morgan argued that the grim reaper has […]


Kenya to Quarantine Visitors from UK for 18 Months

Kenya will reciprocatively quarantine visitors from UK for a period of 18 months starting on 9th April 2021. The move is a retaliation after the small island nation in the West of Europe issued a travel ban on Kenya due to the risk of new Covid-19 variants, yet it is UK which has its own […]


39 African Politicians Could have been Given Fake Covid-19 Vaccine in UK

Police in the UK are investigating an incidence where several senior African politicians could have been conned thousands of dollars with the promise of a Covid-19 vaccine. The politicians had paid an undisclosed amount of money to an Indian man who was supposed to help them secure the vaccine for their own use. Unfortunately, no […]