Michuki Memorial Park to be Converted into a Slum for UoN Students

Plans are underway to convert the Michuki Memorial Park into a slum that will offer affordable housing to students from the neighboring University of Nairobi. According to a design by the University’s School of Built Environment, the Park will host more than 16,000 shanties that can potentially host 48,000 students, bringing the much-needed accommodation to […]

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Pelosi’s Lectern Looted During Capitol Riots Resurfaces in Hall 9 of the University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi is breaking records again and this time it has to do with the United States Capitol riots. During the recent attempted coup, Trump supporters raided the House of Representatives and one of them was seen carrying the lectern that is used by the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Although the person was […]

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University of Nairobi Rediscovers Alphabets

In what appears to be the biggest research breakthrough in Kenya, the University of Nairobi has discovered the alphabet. A paper published in the Journal of Linguistics and Literature, the Institute of Advanced Languages highlights this groundbreaking discovery which is going to change the education landscape in Kenya. “The alphabet is going to be the […]