“Had they Killed a Rhino Instead of my Two Sons, they would be in Jail by now.” – Dad to Kianjokoma Brothers

The six police officers who murdered Benson Njiru and Emmanuel Mutura in Embu County would have been hanged by now, had they killed a rhino instead of the two brothers. The painful observation was made by the father of the two Kianjokoma brothers who is still unable to speak due to the pain involved. “If […]


6 White Rhinos in Nairobi National Park Killed for Defying Curfew

Six rhinos were yesterday shot dead at the Nairobi National Park after they were found roaming in the park outside the curfew hours. A report by the KWS spokesperson said that the six rhinos had defied curfew hours, putting them in danger from poachers and other undisclosed dangers. This left them dangerously exposed and resulted […]


Mama Ngina Kenyatta Lauded for her Wildlife Conservation Work

Former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta today received an award to mark her lifelong effort in wildlife conservation work in Africa. Speaking when she received the award at her Nairobi home, the former First Lady noted that wildlife remains an important part of the planet, and it is humans who are actually tenants on the planet. […]


Boost to the Kenyan Economy as Wildlife Embrace Tourism

The Kenyan economy has received a major boost after wildlife embraced tourism, something that had been reserved for human beings. Terming it as the First Tourism Revolution, Tourism CS Najib Balala said that the economy was set to benefit if all the wild animals would leave their parks and take a tour around the human […]


KWS Rescues a Man from Rhino by Shooting Him

A man found himself in trouble when he strayed into the Tsavo National Park while grazing his cows and came face to face with an angry rhino. The man identified as Mutiso was illegally grazing in the National Park when he decided to go and relief himself. Unknown to him, a lone rhino was grazing […]