Ruto Hires 47 Motivational Speakers to Lead his 2022 Presidential Bid

Deputy President William Ruto has contracted 47 motivational speakers who will lead his political campaigns ahead of his 2022 presidential bid. Welcoming the team of motivational speakers at his Karen residence, Ruto said that the 47 people would bring the much needed motivation to the lean team he has been operating, and would help shape […]


Opinion Poll Shows Gideon Moi Most Popular Presidential Candidate in Kenya

Latest opinion poll show that Gideon Moi is the most popular presidential candidate in Kenya, and the best suited to succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2022 General Elections. The poll conducted by the independent Kabarak based political think tank Kabarak Analytica show that Gideon Moi leads all other Kenyan politicians, including William Ruto, Raila […]


Ruto, Raila Condemn MPs for Exchanging Blows at Funeral

Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga have condemned two MPs who exchanged blows during a funeral in Kisii County on Monday. In pictures and videos widely shared online, the two leaders – South Mugirango MP Silvanus Osoro and his Dagoretti North counterpart Simba Arati – are seen fighting on the dais as […]


William Ruto Launches ‘Office of the Future President’

Kenya’s Deputy President who is also aspiring to become the president in 2022 has opened the Office of the Future President in preparation for taking over the presidency next year. Speaking to his advisors, Dr William Ruto said that he took the necessary step to ensure that he was one step closer to becoming Kenya’s […]


Looming Cabinet Reshuffle Will See Ministry of Hustling Introduced

According to some leaked information from Statehouse Kenya, a cabinet reshuffle is looming and one of the major changes expected will be the introduction of the Ministry of Hustling. The information which was confirmed by some State House insiders who did not want to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter stated that […]


William Ruto Clarifies that Kickback for the Chinese Loans was 30% and not 10%

Deputy President William Ruto has denied reports by Aden Duale that the government was getting 10% in kickbacks from all the money borrowed from China, saying the figure was 30% and not 10%. Speaking after media reports that politicians were receiving 10% as kickbacks from China, Ruto insisted that the government was keen on 30% […]


William Ruto Shocked to Learn that Huge Political gatherings without Masks and Social Distancing Accelerate Spread of Covid -19

Travelling politician who also happens to be the Deputy President of Kenya, William Ruto, was this week shocked to learn that the huge public rallies he has been holding could have contributed to a spike in the number of Covid-19 cases in Kenya. Tweeting that all political gatherings need to stop, the man who has […]


John Pesa: “You Get the Sermon that you Pay for”

You are probably reading this from a cheap android smartphone, thinking that Father John Pesa is a category six idiot. Well, we have some news for you, because the real idiots could be you who spends 3 hours online while Father John Pesa is busy building his name (or in a language that you may […]


Prostitutes Protest the Philosophical Promiscuity by Politicians in Kenya

A grassroot body made of commercial sex workers in Nairobi is raising concerns that the current political class in Kenya has taken promiscuity to a whole new low. Citing the flip flop nature of politicians and the willingness to fight for almost anything including nothing, the body said that politicians were beating them in their […]


1084 AD Prophecy Tells of 5th President of Kenya Making a Triumphant Entry into State House Riding on a Wheelbarrow

A recently discovered prophecy that dates back to 1084 AD has revealed that the next president of Kenya will have to make a triumphant entry into State House riding a on a wheelbarrow. In what could change the politics of the moment, politicians intending to get into State House will have to strategically position themselves […]