KU Hospital Bans use of X-Ray Machines to Take Selfies

Kenyatta University Teaching and Referral Hospital has issued a warning to medics and other hospital staff who have been using hospital X-Ray machines to take selfies.

In a memo that was drawn by the Hospital chairperson Prof Olive Mugenda, the hospital warned that anybody found using X-Ray machines to take selfies might lose their jobs. The staff were asked to only consider the selfies during the off-peak times.

“We are experiencing delays and loss of revenue due to the high number of people who want to take X-Ray selfies during working hours. This negatively impacts our service delivery, hence income, and should stop. Anybody found taking X-Ray selfie will be dealt with by the management.”

The memo caused a stir among the staff involved, most of whom were employed based on ‘connections’ and whom they know. According to hospital security, many of these do not think that exposure to X-Rays could have implications on health.

“Some of these people do not know about X-Rays and think that it is a cool camera. They are young, always on social media and they have the jobs courtesy of the parents or relatives. Seems like nobody taught them the dangers of X-Ray.”

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