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Pelosi’s Lectern Looted During Capitol Riots Resurfaces in Hall 9 of the University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi is breaking records again and this time it has to do with the United States Capitol riots.

During the recent attempted coup, Trump supporters raided the House of Representatives and one of them was seen carrying the lectern that is used by the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Although the person was later arrested, the podium had already made its way to a very unlikely destination. The University of Nairobi hostels – hall 9.

While the information has sent CIA panicking and rushing to contain further movement of the prized asset before it can move into the underground world, no one was shocked in the infamous Hall 9, with just a few people requesting to take a selfie with it. In fact, the podium was casually being used as a laptop stand by one career student who was watching a series from an upper decker bed.

How did it get there? It is complicated.

A future historian from the same University (residing in Mamlaka) confirmed that this is a common occurrence and is not related to looting or pilferage. “The earth is definitely not flat. Something that disappears from one side of the globe can easily reemerge on the other side. This is usually the case when someone tries to hide it by burying it on the ground. You should not dig too deep.”

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