Animals Boycott Koroga Festival at Hell’s Gate

The much publicized Koroga Festival held at Hell’s Gate received a major blow after animals failed to turn up, despite the massive publicity the event had received.

Organizers of the event were left to count their losses in terms of unused tickets, uneaten grass and empty tents as virtually all animals gave the show a wide berth.

So poor was the attendance that even Diamond Platnumz and other guest artistes were left to entertain the few event organizers who were still trying to mobilize the animals to show up late into the night.

The organizers blamed negative media publicity and the tough economic conditions at the park for the low turn out, but still insisted that the show must go on till morning for the sake of sake itself. Others saw the hand of Dr Paula Kahumbu in it, saying that she had mobilized the animals to boycott the event against a court order.

One animal with a long mane and sharp claws which requested not to be identified for the sake of privacy said that the decision not to attend was arrived at following reports that there would be very few people present, a big disappointment to all the animals with long canines.

Even elephants said that they prefer mud bath to people bath, hence the lack of interest in the event. Other animals cited disinterest in the music that was being played at the event.

Reports in the media said that the low animal turnout was because most animals prefer reggae music because it never stops, and thus would have preferred to attend the Buju Banton concert which unfortunately, was held away from Parks.

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