6 White Rhinos in Nairobi National Park Killed for Defying Curfew

Six rhinos were yesterday shot dead at the Nairobi National Park after they were found roaming in the park outside the curfew hours.

A report by the KWS spokesperson said that the six rhinos had defied curfew hours, putting them in danger from poachers and other undisclosed dangers. This left them dangerously exposed and resulted in death of six out of the 21 rhinos involved.

“The rhinos defied the curfew that is in force in the zoned area. Nairobi National Park lies at the center of the zoned area and therefore there is no justification for rhinos roaming freely at night. The unfortunate incident led to the loss of a number of the animals, and the Independent Rhino Oversight Authority is investigating the matter.”

It is not clear who killed the rhinos, but the bodies had bullet wounds and their horns were missing. It is expected that the horns will be put into good use. After all, the rhinos did not die in vain.

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