“Hiring out Guns and Uniforms to Criminals is like any other Side Hustle” – Kenya Police

The Kenya Police Service is once again trending after reports showed that Police Officers were hiring out guns and uniforms to criminals.

Kenyans were shocked to learn that the people who arrest them, purporting to be police officers, are actually criminals who hire guns and inform from the police. The criminals get the tools to do their business, while the police earn some money. Win-win situation.

While Kenyans are angry, the police spokesperson has come out to defend the practice. “What our boys are doing is engaging in a small side hustle to earn a little income. Most Kenyans understand this, as they are also doing a side hustle besides their main hustle. If we are a country of hustlers, a side hustle is the first building block and our officers are doing well on that.”

He also called on those who do not like the arrangement to never complain about the police anymore because the side hustle is a way of shielding Kenyans from the police.

“This is our way of devolving corruption and police brutality. Instead of coming to you and asking for money, we get third party to do it on our behalf. This way, our image remains clean.”

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