Kenyan Universities end Pending Semesters Without Exams and give Everyone Grade B

With studies disrupted in Kenya and there being no plans on when things will be back to normal, Universities in Kenya have decided to give everyone a grade B and retire the pending Semesters.

The move was informed by the prevailing status of Covid-19 spread and the difficulties that resuming the semester would pose to all the stakeholders involved.

Most Universities have been unable to do online classes due to technology limitations. Lecturers do not know how to speak to cameras, that is if they have any in the first place. Students are also negatively impacted because the free Wi-Fi they were used to in campus is no more, and mobile internet costs money. You know very well that students and money have a relationship that is similar to that of Tottenham and titles.

It is for this reason that the Commission for University Education in Kenya has allowed all institutions of higher education to declare all the pending semesters complete and award everyone a grade B. They said that the move could affect a few people who were supposed to get As but that is a sacrifice they could make for the sake of public order. The Universities were also happy with the decision, terming it as a win-win situation

“We know that it will be hard to resume since comrades have forgotten what had been taught, the money for school fees has been spent or eaten, while the lecturers must have already lost the CAT1 papers. The only logical way forward is to end the semester prematurely and give every student a grade B.”

Most students expressed satisfaction with the decision, except just a very negligible minority who are known to occupy the front seats in class.

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