BBI Report to be Decided through a Coin Toss

Kenyans are expected to save at least 20 billion if they opt to toss a coin as opposed to going for a referendum over the BBI report. In a move that is informed by the current economic situation, politicians have urged Kenyans to reject the expensive referendum and opt for this cost cutting move which would help spearhead the country forward.

The revelation made during the launch of the report said that even if Kenyans use the most expensive coin for the exercise, it would not exceed KES 40, which is the highest coin in circulation. In fact, most Kenyans prefer the KES 20 coin which will actually cut the expected cost by half. This is significantly cheaper than a referendum that would cost 20 billion.

Meanwhile, a taskforce has been appointed to come up with the guidelines for tossing the coin. By the time of going to the press, it was not clear how much the taskforce would spend, but parliament was ready to approve a budget not exceeding 25 billion shillings.

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