Inside the Intrigues that Surrounded Raila’s Acceptance of his Covid-19 Test Results

Political analysts and propagandists were left in shock after Raila Odinga easily accepted his Covid-19 test results, something no one saw coming!

The Kenyan politician who is known to reject all results, irrespective of whether he is declared a winner or a loser, shocked many when he accepted his tests results without a fight, something that Nairobi Hospital had not anticipated. Already, an armed contingent of General Service Unit officers had been deployed around the Doctors Plaza and in a few potential hotspots such as Kibra and Mathare in anticipation that Raila would reject not only his results, but also all other Covid-19 tests that have been done.

However, his decision to accept the result caught many flat-footed and the nation is yet to come to terms with this new normal. But it is not a new normal! Our reporter can now reveal the inside details of what transpired and what led to Baba accepting the results.

The Lobbying

Immediately after Baba took the Covid-19 test, a multistakeholder forum was convened to discuss what to do with the test samples because at the moment, the results did not matter. Nairobi Hospital needed to establish the impact of all outcomes, and several analysts were consulted.

It was agreed that if Baba disputed the results, the future of the hospital would be at stake, and therefore there was a need to get him to the hospital’s side and make him accept.

Nairobi Hospital dispatched several scientists to Raila’s Karen residence and had them discuss with him what he expected. Baba gave his expected results and Nairobi hospital worked all night to ensure that their systems produced the same results as baba wanted.


But that was not enough – a lot was still at stake and it is President Uhuru’s call that did the magic. Early on Thursday morning, Uhuru called Raila to remind him that the outcome of the Building Bridges Initiative hugely depended on the test results, and if he accepted his negative status it would be a clear sign to the nation that he was fit to lead the BBI. This is what it took to convince baba to accept the results.

Although the deal had been sealed, security agents remained on high alerts the whole day as an about turn was highly likely. Luckily, all ended well.

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