Raila Odinga Announces His Retirement from Fighting Corruption

Former Kenyan Prime Minister and political leader Hon Raila Odinga has officially announced his retirement from fighting corruption and standing for Mwananchi, saying that he has moved on to other things and would now focus on his economic legacy and other personal interests.

Raila Odinga who had been a dedicated anti-corruption champion in his earlier days said that time had come for him to quit the fight against corruption and focus his energy on other things, quoting the famous Kenny Rogers song that one need to know when to hold, to fold, to walk away and even time to run. “It is time to run. You people know that I tried and it really cost me. Let me move on and maybe someone else can pick up from where I left. Right now I need also to get something that will keep my generation going.”

Raila who seemed to be happier and more hopeful than he used to be said that he will now focus on meeting a few people to deliberate on his way forward, some of those people being the NYS scam suspects, and any other person who needs some political favor.

He also said that he had not passed the baton to any person since it was not necessary to waste anyone’s time pretending to fight corruption and instead, he asked Kenyans to consider finding a way of coexisting with corruption since it would not go away anyway.

The announcement is a major blow to Kenyans who depended on baba to fight corruption, but that seemed to end when he joined the government. Raila said that it was now up to Kenyans to find the way forward, and he had no regrets for what happened to him as now he had time to recoup what he had lost.

As the curtain falls on his anticorruption career, another one has risen at Capitol Hill office where he consultancy to those tainted by corruption.

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