‘To be an Earthly Ruler, Invest on Earth as Much as in Heaven’ – Talai Elders.

Recently, the hustler from Sugoi paid homage to the powerful Talai elders in Nandi.

Known for their crucial role in anointing kings from the time of Koitalel Arap Samoei, the elders undisputedly holds the key to Statehouse. It is in the public domain that Moi, Kibaki, and now Uhuru were single-handedly installed to the throne by these elders. They wield the powers to make no votes count or tilt the votes go a particular way.

With the open rejection of the Kamagut man, who was once a forerunner to the house on the hill, minimal options are left for him. He now has no party, no office, and with a cut budget, it is only proper to try this tried and tested means to ascend to the coveted office.

The visit to the Talai elders, however, did not come with juicy packages William is known for whenever he goes to church. The irate elders, therefore, decided to give half their blessings to him until Ruto learns to see the elders correctly. In the words of one of the elders who sought anonymity, “the gods also eat as much as the God, and we do not understand why we only received a black chicken from a man whose pocket’s depth is known to everyone.”

While announcing their displeasure and rejection of the offering, a section of the elders made it open for him to come back when he is ready to invest on earth because the high office attracts a higher cost. Uliam will, therefore, decide whether to make a fifty-fifty investment or miss out on the earthly blessing.

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