Uhuru Leads Cabinet in Celebrating the Fools’ Day

President Uhuru Kenyatta today led the Cabinet in commemorating the Fools’ Day at State House Nairobi. The meeting that was attended by all Cabinet Secretaries sort to highlight the role that foolishness plays in the development of the country, noting that foolishness was an integral partner in the running of the great nation of Kenya. […]


Mudavadi Contemplating Locking Down Western Kenya as Covid-19 Cases Soar

As the third wave of Covid-19 spreads like bushfire in Kenya, various leaders are taking action to protect their people. Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi has announced plans to lockdown Western Kenya in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus in Western Kenya, citing the adverse effect it would have on voter […]

Governance Politics

MPs, Senators and MCAs to sit for a Mandatory Governance Exam

All elected leaders in Kenya will have to undergo a mandatory test to ascertain their suitability to hold public office. If the recommendation passes, MPs, MCAs and Senators will have to prove that they have above average understanding of the Kenyan constitution, government policies, legislative processes and prove that they can at least think. “We […]


Inside the Mind of KANU Candidate who Garnered 1 Vote in the London Ward Byelection

Losing an election is painful, but there are things that are generally worse than pain. This includes getting only one vote in an election. This is the sad story of Joseph Kimani Njuguna who had decided to shelve his personal ambitions and serve mwananchi as an MCA for the London Ward. He gave it all, […]


IEBC to Determine who is a ‘Hustler’ and who is A ‘Dynasty’

IEBC is set to issue guidelines and regulations to be used to give direction on the individual classification that will be used to classify who are hustlers and who are dynasties. This is after a public outcry on the massive proliferation of fake hustlers who are now joining and popularizing the populist agenda ahead of […]


Isaac Mwaura Receives Ruto into his own Heart

Kenyan politician, disability advocate and aspiring Senator for Kiambu County Isaac Mwaura has finally received Ruto into his own heart, making him one of the newest converts of the TangaTanga movement that has taken Central Kenya by storm. Mwaura who hails from Ruiru and is a nominated Senator accepted Ruto during the homecoming party for […]


BBI Wars: Firm awarded Tender to build the Bridges on the Spotlight

As the race for the Building Bridges Initiative intensifies, technocrats and stakeholders are becoming more worried than ever. This after it was identified that there is set to be a huge technical back set on how the project will be carried out. A document leaked exclusively to PostaMate shows how tenders to supply materials and […]


39 African Politicians Could have been Given Fake Covid-19 Vaccine in UK

Police in the UK are investigating an incidence where several senior African politicians could have been conned thousands of dollars with the promise of a Covid-19 vaccine. The politicians had paid an undisclosed amount of money to an Indian man who was supposed to help them secure the vaccine for their own use. Unfortunately, no […]


Blue Band sues Mwangi Kiunjuri’s Party – TSP – for Plagiarism

Mwangi Kiunjuri has found himself on the wrong side of the slice of power after he was sued by Blue Band for plagiarizing their packaging while packaging his new political party. The former Cabinet Secretary of Agriculture who was unceremoniously fired by locusts went ahead to launch a political party by the name ‘The Service […]


There Must be more to Life than Ugali – Wetangula

There comes a time in life when a man has to ask some deep questions and reevaluate the purpose of his existence. This is something that Moses Wetangula has found himself in of late and the existential question in his mind is one: is there something more to life than ugali?  First, we are not […]