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MPs, Senators and MCAs to sit for a Mandatory Governance Exam

All elected leaders in Kenya will have to undergo a mandatory test to ascertain their suitability to hold public office.

If the recommendation passes, MPs, MCAs and Senators will have to prove that they have above average understanding of the Kenyan constitution, government policies, legislative processes and prove that they can at least think.

“We are tired of having nincompoops who are activists on social media while the power to change some of the things they complain about is in their hands. We can’t have elected leaders complaining about the heavy government borrowing while they are the same ones who pass those inflated budgets. This has to stop.”

The move comes after a group of MPs were overheard wondering what exactly is Vision 2030, yet it is a policy that has been at the center of all they do at parliament.

Exam by KNEC

The exam which will be administered by the Kenya National Examination Council will test a number of things such as the understanding of laws of Kenya, Acts of Parliaments, general understanding of Civics and prove that they can think logically and sustain a decent conversation for at least ten minutes without resulting to outright lies, disinformation and old wives’ tales.

If implemented, it is expected that more than 50% of elected leaders will not pass the exams, even with the advantage of exam leakage and other forms of cheating.

The recommendation for elected leaders to take a test has been put forward by PostaMate.

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