Governance Politics

MPs, Senators and MCAs to sit for a Mandatory Governance Exam

All elected leaders in Kenya will have to undergo a mandatory test to ascertain their suitability to hold public office. If the recommendation passes, MPs, MCAs and Senators will have to prove that they have above average understanding of the Kenyan constitution, government policies, legislative processes and prove that they can at least think. “We […]


Garissa County Assembly Fire Caused by Unwanted Evidence

The fire accident that consumed Garissa County Assembly chambers and several offices this morning was caused by unwanted evidence, according to Kenya Red Cross. The morning inferno that started at 8:15 am quickly spread to any part of the Assembly that held documents that were not needed, focusing majorly on the ones that had previously […]


MCAs not Aware that 113% of them will not be Reelected in 2022

Members of County Assemblies are living their best lives now. Despite being labelled as rats that eat not just for the sake of their stomach but because they were born to eat, they continue to walk around with the confidence of a cat in a mouse kingdom. But this confidence seems to be built on […]