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Top Atheist in Kenya Converts to Christianity after Tasting Mangoes in Makueni

There was panic at the Atheists in Kenya offices after one of their officials converted to Christianity, minutes after tasting some fresh mangoes from Makueni County.

The man who had been a staunch atheist until last week was on official duty when he encountered the godly fruits that are in season and had his Damascus Road experience.

Visiting Makueni County for the first time in his life, the man had a chance to taste a mango fresh from a tree, something he had never done before. Having been born and bred in Nairobi where stale mangoes are sold for a fortune, the atheist could not hold his excitement when he tasted the mango and went ahead to shout ‘God is the Greatest!’

“It was one big juicy mango that did the trick,” an eyewitness reported. “The moment we saw him close his eyes as he savoured the fruit, we knew something big was coming. It is then that he admitted that God is God. He was the most dejected and reluctant convert we had witnessed.”

President of Atheists in Kenya, Mr Harrison Mumia, lamented that the organization was facing dwindling membership during this mango season and warned members against travelling to mango producing counties. He equated the fruits to the crusades that Christians meted out in the past, or the shouts that led to the collapse of the walls of Jericho, referring to mango’s ability to make people’s belief in the inexistence of God crumble.

Asked for his comments on the matter, the Makueni County governor said that the county with 1,469,625 mango trees will reach all atheists in the world with a mango fruit, until all the world tastes. The mangoes continue with the legacy of the famous missionary Peter Cameron Scott of Africa Inland Mission, who set camp in the same area 124 years earlier.

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